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Buy here pay here Houston, Texas history.

By far in population Houston Texas is the largest city in the state. Fourth largest city in the United States and is located in Harris County. Harris County has over six million residents and is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country. With just under six hundred square miles, Houston is poised to grow dramatically in coming years.

Two brothers purchased 6,642 acres to start the city now known has Houston Texas in 1836. The city was incorporated June 5, 1837 and named after General Sam Houston. Sam Houston had led troops to victory in the Battle at San Jacinto and was President of the Republic of Texas when the Allen brothers formed the city. The area on the banks of the Buffalo that the brothers purchased is now known as Allen’s landing.

Houston’s port along with railroad placed the city in a growing and thriving place. The Houston economy is diverse and has grown robustly since the city was formed. Johnson Space Center, Texas Medical Center are just a couple of entities that are known worldwide. When Mission Control Center is mentioned no one has to ask where it is located. The oil discovered in 1901 in the Houston Texas Harris County area caused the growth of energy related industries.

When Houston was incorporated the first Mayor was James S. Holman. General Sam Houston commanding troops at San Jacinto about twenty five miles away was chosen for his valor to name the city after. Sam Houston was also elected President of the Republic of Texas in September of 1836. Houston was the temporary capital of Texas. The Houston Texas chamber of commerce was established in 1840.

The Port of Houston handles more waterborne tonnage than any other U.S. port. Harris County is home to more Fortune 500 headquarters than any other U.S. city except for New York City.