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Buy here pay here Austin, Texas City History.

About 180 years ago, in an area of Texas that would come to be known as Travis County, pioneers began to create a settlement along the Colorado River. At one point, the Vice President of the Republic of Texas made a visit to the area and he decided that the capitol of Texas be removed from Houston and moved to the settlement. The settlement was then referred to as Waterloo. However, the site was renamed Austin, after Texas’s first secretary of state.

Today, Austin is still the capitol of Texas, and resides in Travis County. Austin is home to a unique mixture of peoples, who are referred to as “Austenite’s”. These people include musicians, technicians, students, and businessmen. In the 1990s, Austin was also referred to as “Silicon Hills”, due to the fact that a fair amount of technological development took place in the city. It is currently one of the top 5 largest cities in Texas, with a population of about 850,000, and is one of the largest in the nation.

Austin is currently well-known for its wide variety of its live musicians. The city has taken to calling itself, “The Live Music Capitol of the World”. It is also responsible for the well-known PBS TV music series, Austin City Limits, which features many musicians. The city has also recently become a haven for those who proudly lead unique, liberal lifestyles, and has unofficially adopted a new mission: “Keep Austin Weird.” The city’s liberal spirit has also been demonstrated in political matters. While Austin is a mixture of liberal and conservatives, it is mostly a left-leaning community, for example, Travis County voted to re-elect Barack Obama with a 60.1% democratic vote.

Austin benefitted from becoming the capitol in the 19th century, and began a period of quick growth.  It became the home to the University of Texas, and continued to grow after a brief stalling period caused by the Great Depression, and has become the heart of Travis County.  Today, Austin is home to offices of a large variety of Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple, Google, and 3M.

In the late 19th century, Austin was well-known for the violet colors that would flow across the nearby hills for a short time after sundown. This particular event earned the city the name of “City of the Violet Crown”. This name is still referenced in the names of many businesses in Austin today.